About Us

The Covid-19 Pandemic and similar events can leave billions of people across the Planet under complete or partial lockdown.  While schools in developed countries switch to distance-learning modes with relative ease, the developing world must quickly carve out practical ways for providing learning opportunities to millions of students, experiencing temporary school closure.

The Taleem Ghar project is a collaboration between School Education Department, Government of the Punjab, its Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU), and the Punjab IT Board (PITB).

It aims to make available localised and engaging multimedia lessons online, for public school students - via CableTV, a Smartphone App, and this website.

Everyone is welcome to visit, explore and learn!

We realise that good content and improvements in edtech intervention design will be a continuous process.

So we definitely want to hear from you.

Please help us further improve the learning experience for children - as a concerned parent, a professional who works in education, an education service provider with good-quality content,  or simply someone with a great idea that's viable.

When you visit our site, don't forget to send us your valuable suggestions by completing the suggestions form on our home page.

Thank you, happy learning!